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LA Times, Letter to the Editor 6-2-2017 - Carrying Concealed firearms

In response to the op-ed by Chief Beck and City Attorney Feuer and the reciprocity for the concealed carry of firearms.
Let me again put forth my challenge to those men as to a public debate. I suggest that as neither of them have had the courage of their convictions to debate myself ( I have challenged them both, repeatedly) or any other defender of our Constitutional liberties that they know that they put forth baseless opinions, distortions, false conclusions and omit the truth.

The greatest omission they commit is that our Federal Constitution guarantees we the citizens our right to keep and to bear arms. Rights are not a "collective" anything, they are as to individuals. This means it is our right to possess firearms where we have the right to go, our home, our business, out in the public square. The 2nd Amendment right is for we as individuals. Would you even listen to anyone who claimed that our 1st Amendment as to freedom of speech  applied to a government entity, and not as to the individual, as some false claim as to the 2nd Amendment? Would you not laugh at someone who suggests that 'Freedom of the press" does not apply to television? Yet some falsely claim that citizens who wish to own modern rifles are not at liberty to do so under the 2nd?

That should end the argument as U.S. citizens have the right to keep and bear arms. Our rights to trial by jury, representation, public trials and against self-incrimination can result in undesirable results too yet only a Fascist would call for an elimination of those rights. The 2nd Amendment is the right that protects all the others. If  the 2nd Amendment is not a right, then none are. Are Beck, Feuer, or anyone else suggesting that all of our rights are not rights? If, so see them for what they  truly are, ignore their 'we mean well', and 'we know best' lies and nonsense.
For those who still wish to deny the reality of the above, consider the Constitutional guarantee of reciprocity. That is found in Article 1 section 10. 'No State shall make any law impairing the obligation of contracts'. Your driver's license, title to property, debts, adoption, marriage license, cannot be voided by crossing a State line. When Louisiana or Hawaii issues a marriage license, its good in every state. The fact that it is illegal in CA to marry your 14 yr. old 1st cousin does not void that valid Louisiana marriage if they come to CA! Perhaps Chief Beck should argue that other states can refuse to recognize him as a police officer? The discussion should start at and then end with, 'what are our rights'?

All the States should of course recognize the 2nd Amendment and carry permits. The fact that some defy the Constitution is the problem. The Constitution guarantees every citizen a 'republican form of government'. That means  our rights are not to be violated. Pres. Andy Johnson exercised Executive authority to do this after the Civil war to protect the freed slaves in the South as did Pres. Eisenhower when he sent the US Army to protect the right of black school children to attend Central High in Arkansas. Pres. Trump is I think hoping that Congress can codify this w/o the need to force the States to stop denying us our rights. If say Alabama decided to just cross out sections of the Bill of Rights; Would anyone suggesting that the Pres. should not  'guarantee...'? Yes we would demand it and the same applies to all of our rights to all citizens in all States.

For those who wish to deny the truth of the Constitution, let me explain further why the application of wisdom says to follow it. There are now 15.7 million concealed carry permit holders in the U.S. ( up from 7 million in 2011, with nearly 500,000 of them in Wisconsin thanks to Gov. Scott Walker! ) That is in addition to the 28 million people in the states that are 'Constitutional Carry'; no "permission" is required to exercise the "right". The NRA as America's oldest Civil Rights organization was waged an extremely successful campaign to bring this about in just the last 20 years. As CA refuses to recognize these permits and allow any of those citizens to carry their firearm into CA, it would be as if CA arrested people for driving here on a Wisconsin license. While the LASD has done that, that's another story...

In CA, NJ, NY, and  IL it is a crime to carry a firearm. In CA (unless you are a police officer...) you are committing a crime to carry ANY unloaded firearm outside of Your house (unless it is in a LOCKED container or you are 'actively hunting'). The issuance of firearm permits is at 'the discretion' of Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs.  If you "donate" he is your pal, you get one (as was exposed in O.C.) Four million people in the City of LA, yet only 1,256 permits. I will not accuse Chief Beck of selling permits! Though clearly he thinks no one can be trusted!

In Vermont and many other states, every citizen who is not a convicted felon can carry a firearm. To carry in PA; a woman fills out the form, the police check that she is not a felon, takes almost 60 seconds to do that,  they issue her a permit. When that woman drives over the river into NJ, what is she supposed to do with her gun? It is her right to carry it all across PA, not leave it at home. Once in NJ, she commits a traffic infraction. She has a gun, and a PA permit, but it's not valid in NJ!  She is off to jail, looking at a five year prison sentence. Takes Gov. Christie to issue a pardon for her.  This story is repeated every day in the denial states, a pardon is the exception.

The people of the Constitutional States have the right to travel and be free from unjust imprisonment. Many patriots  who live in the denial States realize that they cannot yet overturn the political structure and they have chosen to still stay, and fight. They are demanding that their rights be protected, their congressmen are listening. Their voices are growing larger, and louder. The growth of Constitutional carry and issuance of permits is a monumental sea change in America. Women are now applying for the majority of permits in many states and 'minorities' are more inclined to protect themselves in the same way at a higher ratio than whites. These citizens understand and exercise their 2nd Amendment right every day. That right is the most important one to them and they will demand to not be imprisoned for exercising it both at home and when they travel as many people travel to multiple States every week or in an everyday commute. The rate of growth means we expect close to twenty states as Constitutional carry and shall issue permits numbering 20 million come the 2020 elections. It is the winning issue.

Beck and Feuer's assertions are baseless nonsense. I could refute it all in detail. The proof is in the results. The safe States are the ones where citizens are armed. The dangerous ones are the ones where citizens are disarmed, look at, NJ, NYC, Chicago, CA, Baltimore, DC with women far more likely to be the victim of a violent crime. Violent crime has dropped dramatically in the Constitutional States, especially so for women. 
The least likely demographic to commit a violent crime is a Carry Permit holder; It is even lower than that of police officers. Florida studied 200,000 of them over nearly twenty years.

Take note that the mass shooters never target locations where citizens are armed. They never pick the shooting range on ladies day! In Orlando the terrorist targeted a gay club because the terrorist also knew that group was very unlikely to carry guns. THAT has changed, thanks in large part to groups like the Pink Pistols. The message of the NRA, Sons of Liberty LA. and Shootback is that we all should refuse to be victims. Shoot back!
If Chief Beck, and the other politicians, actually cared about protecting women; Chief Beck would see that EVERY woman in LA was armed. I know that EVERY LAPD officer would volunteer to train them, yes, I have asked, as would a legion of us Patriots. To disarm the people is to make them victims. I would know I was safe in a society of armed women. An armed woman is NOT going to be a victim. The politicians are busy playing political games so don’t wait for Beck and the other politicians to protect you, do it yourself!

As to Politicians that put political agendas ahead of women's safety,  we call them.

Bruce Boyer, Chief Instigator, Sons of Liberty LA
San Fernando




Bruce Boyer, Agoura Hills, Chief Instigator,  SonsofLibertyLA

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