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Our Attorney George Wallace is preparing to deal with, L.A. Simi Valley and the other cities. As the Courts closed their eyes and ruled that a prohibition on our speech from our vehicles on all city streets at all times is 'narrowly tailored" and 'limited' and therefore not a violation of our rights, we go to the next round. That will be a Federal action in that the 'Mobile bill board Ban' discriminates because the Cities of course operate their own MBBs displaying their messages. These are commonly orange 'traffic management' trailers. They 'advertise many 'messages' include' public advertisements" By the definition of the law as defined by the Federal Courts theses are exactly what a MBB is , they 'advertise' in that they communicate a message. The cities also operate 'speed" trailers' to advertise your speed. The Cities discriminate in favor of themselves in who may exercise speech. To drive the discrimination point home, Simi Valley passed an ordinance to exempt their trailers and those of their contractors from the MBB ban! Love it!

Adding in under the sign trailers the following Sub headings of "Simi Valley" and LA.

For Simi there are lots of pics of facebook page Free speech Parade Simi Valley.

Insert: Fascist Simi Valley politicians all voted to criminalized our free speech with our  trailer-vehicles, bikes and other 'devices". We responded with the Free Speech parade in 2016. The corrupt politicians of course ordered the police to seize ALL Free Speech displays, which they did and destroyed them. In 2017 the City filed criminal charges against Bruce alleging the 'illegal dumping of solid waste" ( they not wanting to try to charge him with vio9lating their law banning Free Speech, so they cheated to create another alleged 'crime". The Courts are corrupt. They refused to dismiss the charges as baseless and denied Bruce his subpoenaed witnesses and violated his rights ( see attached letter to the presiding judge) as a result Bruce plead no-contest so as to not receive the jail time that the Court fully intended to sentence him to.
 To confound the Corrupt politicians further Sons of Liberty sponsored the free Speech Parade of bikes (let them claim they are ' waste". The Corrupt politicians ordered the police to seize 34 bikes parked at City Hall. They were willing to cut locks off of bikes to seize them to claim that they were 'caretaking them as 'found property".

After we get the MBB discrimination challenge filed, then we will be dealing with Simi Valley in Federal Court as to their specific violations as to property seizure, Free Speech violations, malicious criminal prosecution and all.

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