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Free-Speech Convoy Calabasas, CA Jan 2012:

When: From Jan 16th 2012 until our liberty is restored.
Where: 27050 Agoura Rd. Calabasas, Sheriff’s Station parking lot.
What: Parking our vehicles in the parking lot of the LASD Lost Hills Station displaying your sign, your banner and flag.

Update from the 1st Convoy: On Jan 9th the Sheriff seized four vehicles of the convoy claiming they were 'abandoned' (VC 22669(a). The Dept. Violated the  CA Vehicle Code  and willfully and intentionally violated other rights in order to violate our rights to Freedom of speech, assembly and our right to petition for  a redress of grievances. The vehicles are still locked up in a tow yard and the Sheriff's Dept. Refuses to release them or to provide a hearing before a judge/magistrate in any form.

The first vehicles of the second convoy arrived on Jan 10th!
Why: Local cities (Calabasas, Los Angeles, Agoura Hills, Santa Clarita, Westlake Village, Santa Clarita, even Rancho Cucamonga and others) have adopted ordinances that classify our Freedom of Speech as illegal, if we choose to park a vehicle to exercise our right by having a sign, bumper-sticker, flag, lettering or even a license-plate frame (size does not factor) with any 'advertising'. Rather than be seized and arrested we must park our Free-Speech Machines in the only Safe-Haven available, that being the parking lot of the Sheriff's Station (it's under County jurisdiction so the local Calabasas City ordinance does not apply).

If you think this is a joke, I have listed the V.C. sections as most folks would otherwise not believe this to be true, read them! reference CA VC section 21100 (m), it also authorizes Criminal Prosecution ."Mobile-Bill-Boards" are defined under VC Section 395.5 with the towing authority VC 22651 (v). The CA VC 2011 version allows seizure and CRIMINAL prosecution of non-motorized vehicles, with any 'advertising display' (term is undefined so it means anything and everything, yes it includes 'political' and 'religious' advertising). The 2012 Version is expanded to include "motorized vehicles" and non-vehicle bicycles and sleds. The legislation was authored by Assemblyman "Fascist Bob" Blumenfield of Woodland Hills and sponsored by LA City Attorney Trutanich. The 2012 bill was passed with broad "bipartisan support"!

When they tow your vehicle, under any authority, it will be held until all tow, storage and 'release fees' are paid. There are no court hearings, no right of due process.  The vehicle owner may ask the “towing agency” to review the tow, (VC 22852) but the law makes no provision for any judicial hearing. Never! The law enforcement agencies (LA Dept. Trans, L.A. Sheriff's Dept, San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept) that have been towing vehicles under the 2011 version have provided no judicial hearings for any of the vehicles towed. All towed vehicles have been lost to the owners.

The Free Speech Convoy will keep it's vehicles in the Sheriff’s station parking lot until the Sheriff, Lee Baca, upholds his oath of office, when he defends our rights to Freedom of Speech, using our vehicles, and makes a written guarantee that NO vehicles will be cited, or towed, and no-one will be charged with the crime of parking a mobile-bill-board in his jurisdiction, so long as he is the Sheriff, or the law is repealed/struck down by the courts.

NOTES: Please move your vehicle to a different parking space every three days. Sons of Liberty LA requests that you be polite to our hosts (the officers and deputies of the LASD). Please fly your American flag from your vehicle.

Event is sponsored by   Chief Instigator Bruce Boyer


Bruce Boyer, Agoura Hills, Chief Instigator,  SonsofLibertyLA

Chief Instigator