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Free Speech Convoy Report:                                Update 2-23-2012
Sons of Liberty LA


2-23 Received notice from DA’s Office, intention of filing of criminal charges, asserting that Boyer has violated PC 556. In the report, Det. Dunn asserts that Boyer parked ‘vehicles’ in the Station parking lot. Court appearance for 8:30 AM March 12th!

2-10 Received notice that a ‘complaint’ has been filed with the LA  County DA and I am notified to appear in Malibu Court!

2-10 I spoke again with LASD Command staff, Lt. Benedict is fully aware of the situation!

2-9 Response from Det. Dunn! He has referred the ‘investigation’ to the District Attorney for filing of misdemeanor charges PC 556. Det. Dunn denies that trailers are vehicles. He denies that VIN and license plates and operating on highways makes them vehicles. If they are not vehicles, then why have all the deputies and officers towed them and cited VC authority? Why have they towed them for “parking on private property”, THE Station parking lot? As they also assert that the station is private property, I cannot come onto the property without permission to retrieve the vehicles, file police reports or for a hearing, unless they give me permission. If it is ‘public property’ then the vehicles should not have been towed, and should have been released, they have not been.
Apparently we may also NOT hold a political protest in the lot as it’s “private property”. Lt. Squire says we can only park in the lot for ‘official business’, he will not tell you what that is, so between the towed for parking on private property and the other ‘restrictions’, it does not seem that we can enter the lot, or the station.

2-6 More calls to Command staff.

2-3 More calls to command Staff. Sgt. Lasko denies there is anything wrong. Request for =release of trailer.

2-2 Went to move trailer, MIA. Tow-away signs in place. Checked VC requirements, those posted do not apply and lack tow authority. Lot is public, the restrictions apply to private property. VC that allows parking restrictions on County property, not approved by Board of Supervisors as required and not listed with the restricted lots on the County web-site.

1-31 Phone call from Lt. Waird LASD that they have posted ‘Tow-away” two hr. parking restrictions at the LH Station lot. I inform the Lt. That they lack VC authority, I ask him to reference his, he refuses.

1-26 More phone calls to command staff, nothing. Letters to County Counsel and Sheriff Baca. One lonely free-speech machine, displaying the First Amendment banner, remains of the convoy. The others are all locked up.

1-25 More phone calls to Command staff. Nothing.

1-25 The tow company, Sierra Tow refuses to allow me to retrieve any of the flags and banners. They claim that I need to bring the “registered vehicle owner, with proof of ownership” with me to retrieve my property. The Justice for Mitrice Banner is locked up by the LASD! How fitting!

1-25 Met with Lt. Royal, he was supported by Lt. Weber, Lt. Royal asserted that all though the Station lot is Public Property and the warning tags did not reference private property, and there was no change in the tow authority, the tows were “reasonable” the deputy had “probable cause”. The tow authority stated was ‘parking on private property”. Again, we have no rights, It’s a Kangaroo Court.

1-25 Went to the station, met with Det. Dunn. He had still not taken photos of the vandalized trailer. He did have a crime report, CA Penal Code 556. Asserted that Bruce Boyer had displayed advertising on Public property, the Station parking lot! Three  ‘trailers’. They had removed three of the trailers, including the one that was awaiting his photography, to their rear storage lot. He asserted that they were taken as ‘evidence’ for ‘investigation’ of the crime. They had not removed the one with the Free Speech banner, it was not ‘advertising’? Det. Dunn asserted that the parking lot is “public property”. As to my assertion that vehicles are not referred to in PC 556, it refers to ‘advertising’ and methods of attaching it, his answer was that it was not for him to decide, but for the District Attorney or a judge to decide. He refused to allow me a copy of the report but stated I could rebut it! They would release the trailers from ‘evidence hold’ soon, but only on a condition that I not park them in the Station parking lot!

1-23& 1-24. More phone calls to LASD Command, no action.

1-23 Met with Lt. Royal. He confirmed that per the County assessor, the station is owned by the County, a public not private property. I show him the “red warning tags” placed on the trailers and rev CA VC section where I explain the posting requirements for Private property tows. Lt. Royal confirms that the red tags do not refer to “private prop” as req. by the CAVC. He cannot conduct a “Tow hearing” if Cmdr La Berge is changing the tow authority. Hearing time waived. We also discussed CA PC 556. I showed him that the section applies to placing of advertising, signs, on public property, a misdemeanor. It does not apply to vehicles, per Section 21 and 21100 (m) which does apply to vehicles, is the authority. Lt. Royal asserts that they wanted the trailers gone one way or another. He asserted that those with what he considered “political speech” were not advertising yet others would be illegal. I attempted to explain that speech is speech and they are all vehicles, to no effect.

Jan 21st Lengthy phone call with Lt. Royal, try to find solution. Agree to speak on Monday 1-23

Jan 20th, A lengthy conversation with Commander La Berge. He confirms that all of the actions of Lt. Waird are correct per Dept. Policy, the one I am not allowed a copy of! He refuses to correct the situation and asserts that the authority to impound as ‘private prop’ may not be correct, so he will have them changed to “72 hr”. I of course clarify that the vehicles were moved on 1-18, so they could not be in violation, and that I am most familiar with VC 22651 (k). He has no concern. He does record the entire lengthy conversation.

Jan 20th. More Free Speech machines deployed to Lost Hills Station. Made lengthy and repeated attempts to get LASD Command Staff to intervene and put a stop to the violations of our rights and abuses at the Lost Hills Station. They refuse to look into anything. They wish to allow the Station to do as it wishes! Free Speech Convoy now flying the Alamo Flag from the lead trailer! Six vehicles seized to date.
Four arte in the convoy! Remind them again that Det. Dunn has not taken photos, cannot clean or move that trailer until he does.

Jan 19th. Two more Free Speech machines seized. They seize one displaying the “Who killed Mitrice Richardson and why did the Sheriff’s Dept. destroy the evidence?”Justice banner, a 4th Amendment banner, and another free-speech machine displaying our 1st Amendment banner and our 7th and 8th Amendment banners.  LASD tows them for VC “Parked on Private property over 96 hrs”. LASD Command Staff asserts that the Public parking lot at the station, on County property, open to the public to park without restriction, is ‘private”. They are laughed at. In addition the deputies factually failed to post CAVC required notice of illegal parking on private property, but LASD is unconcerned about those illegalities either!
Jan 18th. Lengthy discussions with LASD command. Am optimistic that they will cease violating our rights and return vehicles they seized on Jan 9th. An American flag flying from a trailer in the lot was cut down by ??? Det. Dunn has still not taken photos of the vandalized trailer, so it stays in the lot.

Jan 14th: Report forwarded to Attorney George Wallace for filing of Federal Civil rights action.

Jan 14th. More red tags on the vehicles!

Jan 14th, More free-Speech machines arrive!

Jan 13th: More vehicles arrive for the convoy. Mitrice Richardson’s Justice Banner ( is flying from a Free Speech Machine! Brought over an 8’ Lone Star Trailer from Calabasas that had been vandalized, spray painted with obscene language. Spoke with Lt. Thomson as to parking it so that Det. Dunn can take photos and then we can clean it and take it to another location. We cover the foul language with paper.

Jan 12th: Bruce has more follow-up conversations with LASD Command Staff Lt. Benedict. The Lt. attempts to step in to resolve the problem. No response is received back by close of day Jan 13th. Lt. Squire informs Bruce that all vehicles towed as ‘abandoned’ were ‘proper’ and will remain at the tow yard until the owners pay the $2,000 in tow and storage fees in addition to paying the LASD ‘release fees’ of $100 per vehicle.

Jan 11th Bruce attends the Calabasas City council meeting. With Lt. Waird in attendance Bruce uses the 180 seconds allowed to share with the public the Sheriff’s idea of ‘rights’ and “due process”.

Jan 11th. Sheriff’s Lt. Waird conducts a Sheriff’s Dept. tow/’Stipman’ hearing. The Lt. refuses to assign the hearing to a court, the Lt. ‘chooses’ to conduct the hearing himself! The Lt. as the ‘hearing officer” for the ‘hearing’/Kangaroo Court does the following:

  1. Refuses to provide the vehicle owner with what rules or procedures the hearing is conducted under. The Lt. states they are conducted under “Sheriff’s Dept. rules”, he does not have a copy himself, nor is the vehicle owner able to see a copy of the “Sheriff’s Dept. rules”. Due process?
  2. Refuses to have the deputy that allegedly ’tagged’ the vehicles present (right to confront witness) or the deputy who towed them present (right to confront witness).
  3. Refuses to allow a vehicle owner the right to call witnesses (Bruce had previously requested that Sgt. Brooks, Lt.s Royal, Squire and Thompson be present as they had all been given written and verbal notice of the plan for the protest and knew full well the intent and purpose of the vehicles parking there. Bruce confirmed that they were all scheduled on duty at the time the hearing was scheduled for.  They all being most familiar with Bruce and had a lengthy, frequent and polite relationship with him. They had his e-mail, cell and work phone #s in their records and notes. Had they, the command staff, in any way thought that the vehicles registered to and parked by Bruce, (whom they also conversed with at length as Bruce was parking them in the lot on two occasions within the ten days prior to the towing) they could most easily have inquired of him, had they wished to. Right to subpoena witnesses violated.
  4. Refused to allow a public hearing. No witness or media to be allowed.
  5. Refused the right to be represented by an attorney. It’s ‘informal’. 6th Amendment?
  6. Refused to provide a written ‘ruling’ or decision’.
  7. Refused to accept personal testimony, Bruce’s testimony as a witness which is the 1st rank of evidence, that the vehicles that he parked there were part of a political protest/rally, and were not ‘abandoned’.
  8. Refused to follow the std. set forth in the CA VC for tow hearings per section 22852, in that the basis for the tow be ‘reasonable’.
  9. Accepted as factual testimony ‘hearsay’ in a deputy’s written report, two sentences on a tow form (where the deputy did not that Bruce had parked the vehicles there).
  10. Refused to invalidate the tows basis upon critical error. The VC 22851.3 (a) requires the posting of a ‘notice of abandonment’ on a vehicle at least 72 hrs’ prior before it can be towed. VC 22661 requires a ten day notice. Bruce had in his possession (as he removed them from the vehicles on Jan 8th when he moved them (and informed the deputies then and there at the desk of that fact) to comply with VC 22651, to move at least every 72 hrs) the red tag notices placed on the vehicles that had the “parked over 72 hrs” box checked, not the “abandoned, VC 22669 box” checked. Bruce most clearly made the law and the facts known to the Lt.
  11. Refused to issue a citation for the alleged abandons. This precludes the vehicle owner from obtaining a hearing in front of a judge. Bruce requested repeatedly to be cited. The Lt. refused as he made it clear that he understood the Bruce would refuse to sign the citation which would result in a speedy appearance before a judge. No due process.

Jan 11th. More vehicles arrive in the parking lot for the Free Speech convoy. More will be arriving on the 12th and 13th! Boyer alerts the Media and invites DA candidate Alan Jackson to come to Agoura!

Jan 11th L.A. Sheriffs Dept. Internal Affairs takes action! Internal Affairs Sgt. Chevalier refers the problems at Lost Hills, back to the Lost Hills Station!
Will the Sheriff’s Dept tow away news-vans, perhaps they are ‘abandoned’ ???

Jan 10th: Attorney George Wallace completes the updated briefing in the Federal Court Case challenging the Mobile-Bill Board law as unconstitutional. Hearing date expected for mid-February.

Jan 10th: First vehicle of 2nd convoy arrives!

Jan 10th Boyer speaks with Lt. Squire who insists vehicles were ’abandoned’ and refuses to release or return them. Boyer is told he can have a sheriff Dept. Review hearing, no judge, EVER. LASD will decide if Lt. Squire is right! There is no right to confront witnesses (the officer who ordered the tow will not be at the hearing!) or subpoena witnesses. Lt. Squire also denies the right to a public hearing!

Jan 9th Lost Hills Station: LA Sheriff’s Dept. Lt Squire orders all “Free Speech vehicle” towed away. The tow company carefully removes the American Flags so that they are not damaged during the tow. The alleged authority is that all vehicles are “abandoned’ VC 22669 (a). This is of course a false accusation. They know full well that the vehicles are there as a political Free speech protest- convoy. The Sheriff’s Dept also failed to place the required ’72 hr notices of abandonment. All vehicles are locked up at the tow yard.

Jan 8th. LASD Lost Hills Station: Boyer comes by after church to move all vehicles to comply with CA VC requirement (22651k) not allowed to continuously park over 72hrs). All flags and banners are flying.

Jan 5th, another vehicle arrives. Vehicles are flying Banners that display the 1st Amendment, the 4th Amendment and the 5th Amendment! Flying the American flag and one flying the Texas flag! Written notice is also given to LASD as to what and why the vehicles are there for.

Jan 6th. Letter to Sheriff Baca and Lost Hills Station explaining that it’s a Free Speech Convoy and reasons.

Jan 2nd. LASD Lost Hills: Free Speech Convoy grows. More trailers arrive, Boyer has a lengthy conversation explains to Lts. Thompson and Royal that the vehicles will remain and are legally parked in the lot until Sheriff Baca defends vehicle owner’s rights to exercise their 1st Amendment right of free speech!

Dec 28th LASD Lost Hills Station. Boyer informs the Lieutenants, Royal and Squire that as the Sheriff will not defend his Free speech rights on City streets that he will have no other option than to park the vehicles in the parking lot of the Sheriff, as it’s County property, not City property. Boyer discusses the VC sections at length with Lt. Royal so that all are clear as to the legality of the vehicles being parked there. Free Speech Convoy called for as 1st trailers with banners arrive in parking lot.

Dec 28th LASD informs Boyer that the Lost Hills Station Lt. Thompson will investigate the complaints against the other Lost Hills Station command staff and deputies!

Dec 28th LASD. Conducts it’s Kangaroo Court” hearing where Sheriff Lt. Weber determines that the vehicle is illegal to be parked on a street. LASD policy makes no provision for a vehicle impound to be ruled on by a judge, EVER! Vehicle remains in the possession of the tow yard unless the vehicle owner pays the Sheriff a $100 release fee and the tow yard additional hundreds of dollars in storage fees!

Dec 23rd Westlake orders the Sheriff’s Dept seizure of the vehicle displaying the  picture of the wedding chapel.

Dec 14th. The cities of Agoura Hills, Calabasas and Westlake Village adopt ordinances that prohibit the parking of vehicles with “an advertising display”. Calabasas an Agoura Hills will go  into effect in thirty days, Westlake Village goes into effect immediately as an ‘emergency’ a Westlake City Staff report states there is ONE Mobile-billboard ( displays a picture of a wedding chapel) parked in Westlake.

Nov 9th. Kanan Rd. City of Agoura Hills directed by Mr. Aldeva arbitrarily and illegally prohibit the parking of vehicles on Kanan Rd. and immediately post no-parking signs. Boyer has to move the vehicle so that it is not seized, vehicle, with  Free Speech banners is moved to the Agoura Hills City Hall parking lot! It stays there until Jan. 2nd 2012.

Nov. 7th. Free speech Convoy deploys. A dozen vehicles arrive in Agoura Hills displaying no on prop K banners!

Nov 4th 2011. Kanan Rd. Campaign sign trailer parked on Kanan Rd seized and towed away by the City of Agoura Hills, City Street Engineer Aldeva, for allegedly violated an ordinance prohibiting “Campaign signs” in the roadway. Vehicle is returned to Kanan Rd. by Boyer on Monday, election is Tuesday.

8-31-11 Boyer writes letters, email personal visits to Station Commander Cpt. Stephens and County Counsel. Letters are resent and recalled and emailed repeatedly for months and months. No response from LASD or County Counsel.

8-29-2011. Kanan Rd. Agoura Hills; LASD Officer Ryan threatens and attempt to tow Boyer’s vehicle legally parked on Kanan Rd. officer Ryan asserts it is a “Traffic Hazard”, when asked why, Officer Ryan states “Because he says so”.  Boyer refuses to leave the legally parked vehicle preventing the tow-truck from towing it

6-11-2011 Kanan Rd. Agoura Hills; Bruce Boyer of Agoura Hills is arrested for holding a cardboard sign with an orange arrow while standing pressing a crosswalk button. LASD Deputy Rule arrested him for ’Public intoxication’ for refusing to answer the deputies questions. After being placed under arrest, searched and held in custody in handcuffs for over an hour by two deputies and the supervisor Sgt. Brooks, no arrest report made. They now claim Bruce Boyer was never arrested. They choose to arrest him for protesting in front of their checkpoint.

Bruce Boyer, Agoura Hills, Chief Instigator,  SonsofLibertyLA

Chief Instigator