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Incarceration and prosecution of Free Speech:
Malibu Court House:
23525 Civic Center Way Malibu CA 90265

In Dept #1 Preliminary hearing: 8:30 AM Nov 9th 2012
Bruce Boyer is charged with a misdemeanor PC556 erecting a sign on State or County property. The Sheriff's Dept and the D.A. allege that the parking of Free Speech vehicles in the Sheriff's Station parking lot that display banners, signs and flags is CRIMINAL! We displayed banners demanding the truth about Mitrice Richardson's death; banners of our First, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Amendments. We flew flags from the vehicles, American flags! All ten of the vehicles were seized by the Sheriff's Dept. still being held since Jan 2012.
Clearly the Sheriffs Dept and the Regime will go to whatever lengths are deemed necessary to silence all who oppose or question them.

It is unlikely that they will back down they have invested too much to acknowledge that their actions are to silence Free Speech. This will likely go to a jury trial lasting a week as we call forth dozens of Sheriff's officers, deputies and Sheriff Baca ( wrote letters to Sheriff Baca stating that we were exercising our Freedom of Speech parking in the Station lot displaying our banners) himself.

Please pray for justice and protection.
Bruce Boyer
Chief Instigator, SonsofLibertyLA