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Preparations underway with our attorney George Wallace to bring suit against the LASD for their actions to violate our Freedom of speech as we spoke up for Mitrice.
Ventura County; Sheriff Dean:
Nov 30th 2015. After more than a year, the VCSD provide the 'results of their 'investigation' of the incident of 10-15-2014 where Bruce Boyer was dragged out of a public meeting ( not arrested, no charges filed). The investigation ( which apparently interviewed no witnesses, including Mr. Boyer,
only the Sheriff's Dept officers,) fully exonerated the officers. Therefore the VCSD  officers have every authority to remove anyone from any public meeting at any time without any reason. They will decide who may assemble where ( it is more of a Freedom of assembly case in the Boyer never spoke or communicated anything, he was merely sitting at a table the entire time).  
This episode has been brought to the attention of the Board of Supervisors repeatedly since the day after the incident, yet they refuse to even set an questioning of the Sheriff as an Agenda item. They are complicit in the abuse of the Citizens by the Sheriff.
The preparations to bring legal action against the Sheriff and the County will be underway by Christmas.


Bruce Boyer, Chief Instigator,  SonsofLibertyLA

Chief Instigator