SONS OF LIBERTY NEWS ---- Letter to Glendale Mayor

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Honorable Mayor Quintero,

I wished to follow-up with you after the last council meeting. The issues of possessing firearms on City property and the right to conduct gun shows at public venues is one that should be clear. These actions are both Constitutionally guaranteed liberties. However, there are those that believe there are facts that in total allow for a conclusion that legal authority to prohibit these activities is justified/allowable. As you chose to vote to ask the City Attorney to draft such a measure it shows you are of the latter belief.

I choose to believe that all men are acting with good intent until shown otherwise. I believe you are acting with good intent, however your basis of conclusion I suggest is based upon incomplete and perhaps inaccurate or distorted information or one that is more emotionally driven.
As I believe that it is a matter of facts, not ill intent, I would like the opportunity to discuss this so that you may learn facts and obtain information that you are likely not aware of so as to allow you to make well reasoned decisions.

This can be done by various means, perhaps the most prudent would be a friendly discussion, over coffee? I work in San Fernando and have a flexible schedule, do let me know when we could chat.

I wish to be forthright, I am NOT a Glendale resident. I do know that as an American I should be involved as this is an issue of liberty and while Glendale is not my City of residence, it is a part of my United States. If you would prefer to meet and discuss with Glendale residents for the purposes I have outlined, by all means I can arrange that instead or in addition.

Regardless of how we might meet and discuss, I think the record setting number of public speakers Tuesday night (many declined to speak as what they chose to say had been said well by others and would make the hour later) made it very clear that this issue is something that should be in the public discussion and debate. The City has a public forum, the Glendale Civic Auditorium. This is a Civic topic, there is exactly the forum, the Civic Auditorium for this. Let the people have the Civic forum, the Civic debate, there at the Civic Auditorium, that is the place where the people have Civic debate. Civic Auditoriums are for exactly this purpose, Gun,  Doll,  and pet Turtle shows are secondary.

A public forum and debate is our 1st Amendment right to free Speech, to petition our government. The people have the right to have public debate and discussion. Let those who will argue for Liberty debate those who will choose to argue against. Let the truth be brought forth, let the Citizens hear the arguments for all sides, and allow the people to decide. The People’s elected representatives will hear the arguments and the people’s voice. The Representatives will then be better able to act in the People’s interests. I suggest sir that this issue, as much or more than any other in the history of the City, should be open to such a debate.

While you may not wish to debate for either side, I would most welcome the opportunity to share truth with you so that you may be the man who argues FOR liberty, with the Truth.

I will also be present at the Tuesday Jan 28th meeting to make this public.

We should ask ourselves WWSAD? (What would Sam Adams do?). What would any of our founding fathers do in your position?


Chief Instigator