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We attended the Film Screening. MORE INFO COMING

We have a long history of calling for justice for Mitrice and to have her murderer(s) brought to justice.
The Sons of Liberty attended dozens of City Council meetings to call the City Councils of Calabasas, Westlake Village,  and Agoura Hills to demand answers from the LASD ( they all ignored it and maneuvered to silence theses calls for justice even to the extent of illegally ordering a public speaker forcibly removed from the podium during his public comment time).
The Sons of Liberty passed out flyers to the citizens at dozens of public events in the area and other venues.
The Sons of Liberty helped to publicize the ongoing calls for justice in the local papers.
The Sons of Liberty used sign-trailers parked in the cities to alert the citizens to the call for justice.

In response the LASD has actively violated our rights to silence us. They have:
Assigned teams of deputies to follow us, investigate us, keep our homes under surveillance, and to 'accompany us" as we attended City Council meetings.
Ordered us under threat of arrest to not pass out flyers to citizens in Calabasas attending a free public concerts in the park.
Ordered us under threat of arrest to not play a video about Mitrice's murder to the public in the same park.
Ordered us under threat of arrest to not fly our banners about Mitrice's murder to the public in the same park.
Worked with the Calabasas and Agoura Hills City Councils to make our visual displays using the sign-trailers about Mitrice illegal in all of the cities.
They seized sign-display vehicles false alleging that they were parked over 72 hrs ( even though their own surveillance video showed them being moved and re-parked to comply with the law).

They seized sign-display vehicles falsely alleging they were 'abandoned" ( as they were parked at the Sheriff's station.
They seized sign-display vehicles falsely alleging that they were parked on private property w/o permission ( they claimed the Sheriff's Station is NOT public property, even though it is of course owned by the County and they verified that, as the upheld the seizure of the vehicles).
They seized four sign-display vehicles parked at the Sheriff's station, in the public parking lot to protest for Free Speech and to publicize Mitrice's murder and then prosecuted Bruce Boyer for allegedly violating a State law as to  the posting of signs in the public right of way (the charges were eventually dismissed after a year and a dozen court appearances. They further violated the law as none of the seized vehicles were returned).

The LASD illegally posted signs in the parking lot to prohibit public parking then got Supervisor "Zev The Red" Yaroslavsky to pass an ordinance to prohibit the public from parking in the public lot ( well not actually the entire public, just anyone who would use it is a free speech forum).
Issued dozens of bogus parking citations to our vehicles.

The entire command staff of the LASD was well aware of the actions of the LASD to violate our civil rights in their efforts to silence us. The entire command staff backed up their deputies and officers actions.
The sum total response from the U.A. attorney's office; Office of Independent Counsel: Board of Supervisors; Office of Independent review and over-site; County Counsel; Sheriff Baca; Sheriff Mc Connell;  et al is ZERO. They do not even respond to any of the multitudes of letters, emails or phone calls. One must conclude that either they are all useless of all in it together.

There is more, but if that does not tell you they want citizens to shut up over this, then there is no point in telling you anything else.

Bruce Boyer, Chief Instigator,  SonsofLibertyLA

Chief Instigator