SONS OF LIBERTY NEWS ---- Memorial Weekend 2012
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Attacks on Free Speech by the City of LA:  

As of May 25th, in honor of Memorial Day, the City of Los Angeles began seizing Motor vehicles that displayed 'Advertising signs'. They deployed task forces consisting of 1-2 LAPD officers with DOT officers and tow trucks. They were specifically targeting MOTORIZED vehicles, vans and trucks carrying advertising displays. . It is unknown how many vehicles have been towed. 

The City was apparently targeting those vehicles owned by vehicle owners that have challenged the City’s enactment of laws that violate our Freedom of Speech. The vehicles were towed under LAMC and CA VC 22651(v) written my Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield of Woodland Hills.
The law is a clear violation of our 1st, 5th and 14th Amendment rights. It prohibits the parking of Motor Vehicles parked for ‘advertising’ and allows the City to seize any alleged violator without any judicial review, vehicle owners right of due process does not exist. Requests to LAPD and DOT for a definition of what constitutes an ‘illegal’ vehicle have all gone unanswered. A Federal Civil rights lawsuit had already been filed last year and earlier this year a request for a preliminary injunction filed  as well. A hearing date has not yet been set by the court. The latest actions by the City will result the filing of Federal Civil rights lawsuits by more vehicle owners as attorney George Wallace prepares the additional lawsuits.

While vehicle owners await a hearing date, their vehicles have to be kept in hiding, parked off City streets that they have every right to park on. Free Speech has to shut up in LA or it will be seized!

Bruce Boyer, Agoura Hills, Chief Instigator,  SonsofLibertyLA Chief Instigator