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July 2015 SCOTUS rules in Reed v. Gilbert AZ. Upholds the First Amendment. Freedom of speech means signs in public 9-0. Whatever 'concerns' that a local Govt has as to 'community aesthetics' is of no consequence. This ruling effectively strikes down all sign ordinances!

Dec 2015 In our case of Lone Star v. City of Los Angeles et all; our Attorney George Wallace has filed the motion for an injunction on the laws that made signs on vehicles illegal in Los Angeles and other Cities. of course the cities allow other sign trailers or Mobile Bill Boards as they are defined. By definition, the roadside display trailers that advertise lane closures, closed off-ramps weather, current speed and whatever else they display, trailers operated by the various Govt Departments including the P.D, CHP, CALTRANS as well as private contractors such as paving companies are by definition Mobile Bill Boards, the content is neutral as to a determination. Of course those trailers are permitted, it is only the ones used for speech by the rest of us that are seized by the police. This will be a major factor in the damage award as the City themselves operated what they banned others from operating, it is blatant censorship.


Bruce Boyer, Chief Instigator,  SonsofLibertyLA

Chief Instigator